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Farm & Agricultural Storage Buildings

If you need a brand-new agricultural storage building or want to make an addition to a pre-existing building, contact Woofter Construction for durable, long-lasting, high-quality solutions you can count on. We carry a full line of agricultural storage buildings that can be customized to fit your unique needs. Woofter Construction is proud to present the very best in quality, so you can store whatever you need and feel confident in the security and protection of your precious agricultural goods, machinery, supplies, animals, and more. Our service area includes Northwest Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and the Southwest Nebraska Panhandle.

Storage Building


Agricultural Store Building Selection

Agricultural storage buildings come in handy for a variety of uses, from storing equipment and supplies to holding animals. We’re confident we have the right type of building to satisfy exactly what you’re looking for. Our extensive selection includes:

  • Traditional agricultural storage buildings
  • Mini-storage units
  • Haymasters
  • Specialty buildings

Whatever your vision is, Woofter Construction strives to exceed expectations. From the purpose of the building to how the appearance fits in with your site, we have a wide variety of solutions for every situation. We work with farms and agricultural businesses of all types and sizes and are always innovating so that our clients thrive in their industries.

What to Look for When Choosing Agricultural Storage Buildings

The agricultural storage buildings you use for your business make up one of the most important parts of your operation. When you’re working with a company like Woofter Construction to provide these essential buildings, keep these factors in mind.

  • Durability: Natural elements like wind and rain can wreak havoc on non-sturdy structures and damage what’s inside. The agricultural buildings you use should be made from the highest-quality materials that can withstand the outdoor environment, as well as handle all the operations going on inside.
  • Ventilation: You want to protect what you’re storing, which means proper ventilation should also be a consideration. To prevent excess heat, coldness, or humidity, an agricultural storage partner who can also advise you on ventilation helps safeguard what you’re storing.
  • Protection: Depending on what you’re storing, you’ll have various agricultural building needs. Protection from elements, diseases, pests, and more is vital, and the buildings you use should also come with secure locking and protected access. The construction expert you work with should get to know your product and the outcome you want before providing custom recommendations.

When you work with Woofter Construction, you get a construction partner who can help you improve your agricultural operations through better storage. Our experience and passion for this industry set us apart, through both the service we provide and the exceptional quality of our products.

Trust Woofter Construction for the Best Agricultural Buildings

Woofter Construction has been serving clients with top agricultural storage building solutions for decades. Since 1978, our family-owned company has prided itself on forming meaningful relationships with clients, so we can provide the best recommendations that help their businesses. When you’re looking for an agricultural storage building in Kansas, look no further than Woofter Construction. We’d love to welcome you to the Woofter family. Request a quote for agricultural storage building products today.

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