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How Can Proper Ventilation from Agricultural Fans Save Your Grain?

All the hard work you put into storing your grain can be wiped out without proper ventilation. Agricultural fans keep air circulating so that heat and moisture are controlled, preventing deterioration of your grain and your livelihood. For grain to be properly stored, it needs to be in an environment where heat and moisture are reduced and ventilation is essential to achieving this.

When storing the grain you’ve brought in from a harvest it’s vital that it stays dry in order to remain fresh and make it to market. Low- and high-speed fans help to ventilate the storage area so that grain can stay dry and healthy. Benefits of agricultural fans for grain storage include:

  • Humidity control
  • Excess heat removal
  • Prevention of diseases and pests
  • Increase in fresh carbon dioxide
  • Energy savings

Let’s take a look at each of these reasons so you can see why agricultural fan ventilation helps improve your grain storage.

Humidity Control

A lack of, or excess in, humidity does more than increase the possibility of rot with your grain. It can also foster the development of diseases and pests. When so much grain is stored together, humidity increases. Fans decrease the moisture by blowing off some of the water, helping to keep grain dry. Controlling humidity benefits grain storage and makes sure your stores stay happy and healthy.

Excess Heat Removal

Just like your farm animals need to stay cool in warm conditions to be happy and healthy, so too does your grain. Heat can naturally build up while your grain is sitting in the silo, and this heat from can negatively impact the quality of your product. Fans decrease the negative impact of heat built up through storage.

Prevention of Rotting, Diseases, and Pests

Humidity is a pest’s or disease’s best friend. This is because it creates exceptional growing and breeding conditions for threats like mold, fungus, mildew, and spider mites. Besides the benefit of agricultural fans drying up surface areas, the breeze from the fan makes it difficult for insects to take up home in your grain stores.

Energy Savings

When your grain suffers due to a lack of ventilation, or the temperature gets too high, it takes more energy to return your storage unit to the proper climate. Agricultural fans create an ideal environment that lessens environmental impact while providing more savings on energy and costs.

How to Improve the Air Quality Circulated by Agricultural Fans

Not all air quality brought into a grain storage facility is created equal. Poor air quality that’s circulated through agricultural fans may even increase the amount of fungi, mold, and pests on your grain. That’s why only agricultural fans paired with effective supply fan covers, perforated ducts, clamp bands, and end caps that are properly designed for your unique grain storage units should be used.

You can control the amount of energy you’re using with your fans by choosing between low-volume, high-speed fans or high-volume, low-speed fans in a variety of configurations. If your grain storage experiences any breeze or natural ventilation, that will also affect the correct placement and volume of ventilation. Improper agricultural fan sizing or location can negatively impact grain storage. Ventilation will need to be adjusted as seasons change to continue providing the best benefits.

If you’d like more information on how to improve the agricultural fan system you’re currently using or how to add agricultural fans to your farm, contact Woofter Construction to request a quote for agricultural fans. Find out more how you can best store your grain and make sure you provide the best possible product.

What is a Pivot and Why Do I Need It?

What is a Pivot and Why Do I Need It?

Deciding which of the many farm irrigation systems to rely on for your irrigation needs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a farmer. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right option for your farm.

You need to consider the type of crop you’re planting, fuel cost and availability in your area, the initial cost of setting up your system, labor requirements, the size and shape of your land, and your water source. At Woofter Construction & Irrigation, we can help you make the call.

If you determine that a pivot irrigation system is an investment that will benefit your farm, we sell and service pivot irrigations systems for every field type.

But first, let’s go over some basics.

Pivot Basics

So exactly what is a pivot? A pivot irrigation system is a mechanized irrigation machine. And depending on your field type, there are several different types of machine designs.

A center pivot irrigation system, for example, is an irrigation system that irrigates the field in a circle around a pivot point. This is designed to work best in a round or square field. It’s made up of a pivot point, a control panel, drive unit, tower box, span (the long pipes between pivots), and the last regular drive unit.

The center pivot irrigation system is the most common. However, it’s not the only option. There are additional types of pivots including the corner pivot irrigation system and the geolateral pivot irrigation system. Like the center pivot, the corner pivot offers uniform application but reaches those hard-to-get areas of a field. The geolateral pivot is designed for underutilized and irregularly shaped fields.

Benefits of Pivot Irrigation Systems

Installing a pivot irrigation system has many benefits. Pivot irrigation systems allow water to be delivered to crops in a targeted way. Water is delivered to plants on a regular basis, and you determine how much and how often plants are watered.

Pivot irrigation uses low-pressure application. This means less water is wasted compared to other methods of irrigation. This ultimately saves water while reducing your energy costs and your impact on the environment. And energy costs aren’t the only savings. Installing a pivot irrigation system also reduces the cost of labor since time spent working in the field is decreased. And as you cut down on time in the field, you’re actually able to increase your yields! Our pivot irrigation systems are low-maintenance, high- quality, and are backed by the Zimmatic by Lindsay warranty.

Call Woofter Construction & Irrigation today to discuss any questions you have about farm irrigations systems and to see which pivot irrigation system is right for your farm. Woofter sells both new and used farm irrigation systems to allow for budget-friendly options.

Local Farmer, and Woofter Construction Customer, Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Local Farmer, and Woofter Construction Customer, Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The doors to Woofter Construction & Irrigation opened in 1978. That means for nearly forty years, we’ve been dedicated to helping farmers and business owners find solutions that keep their operations running smoothly, allowing them to grow and thrive.

One of those farmers, Lon Frahm, located in Colby, KS, was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article. Woofter Construction is proud to have played a part in Lon’s farming operation, having furnished his grain storage bins.

In the video that accompanies the WSJ article, Mr. Frahm mentions his grain storage system, pointing out that two of his grain storage bins hold 600,000 bushels each and the two new ones hold 385,000 bushels each. In the video, he shared that a lot of his competitive advantage is the grain system, which enables them to also function as elevators.

Dedicated to Custom, Quality-driven Solutions

At Woofter Construction & Irrigation, we offer a wide range of expert services to Kansas, the surrounding area, and to farmers and business owners like Lon Frahm. It is our mission to provide unparalleled service and high-quality, long-lasting solutions throughout our mid-western communities.

We know that every farm is unique. That’s why Woofter strives to design custom solutions, specifically designed for you, whether it’s for your grain storage system or another project you have for us.

Consider us for all of your agricultural, irrigation, or commercial construction needs. In addition to grain storage solutions like the grain bins furnished for Lon Frahm, we offer many other expert services. These include the following:

  • Millwright parts. If you need to purchase parts for your system, we sell high-quality motors, augers, spouts, tube heads, and tube extenders.
  • Fans. We sell and install AG fans as well as the parts you need to handle small tune-ups.
  • Construction parts. Need parts for your next commercial project? We’ve got you covered for everything, including rebar, rebar ties, and stone.
  • Millwright services. We can disassemble, move, re-assemble, and install your heavy equipment according to specifications then calibrate to ensure it’s functioning properly.
  • Wind turbines. Woofter offers hassle-free installation.
  • Crane services. Woofter is proud to have a 40-ton boom truck and multiple cranes. Hire us or rent a crane from our Colby location and DIY.
  • Concrete work. Learn more about our interior or exterior concrete work with unmatched attention to detail.
  • Pivot sales and service. We sell and service both new and used pivots.
  • AG irrigation parts. Find an assortment of wheels and PVC pipes.
  • Commercial buildings. We have a network of resources and experts ready to take on any commercial project you have.

Ready for the Future

Woofter Construction & Irrigation is proud of its history and is committed to continual growth. We are constantly striving to improve our services, our resources, and our network to meet the demands of today’s agricultural, irrigation, and commercial industries.

We’re heading into the future, keeping an eye on new trends in technological advancement while always maintaining our commitment to our communities.

Have questions? Call Woofter Construction & Irrigation and talk to one of our experts today.

How Green Construction Is Becoming the Standard

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More and more people are getting on board with sustainable living every day, from recycling to driving electric cars to switching to solar or wind power, and every day we’re reminded of the need to approach the environment and our roles it in more consciously. We’re seeing this priority emerge in the commercial construction industry as well. There is a wide variety of certifications and designations that come with following greener building practices. More construction clients are now preferring green builders also. Why wouldn’t it be a focus? Commercial construction is a big industry with a big impact, leading builders to slowly transition to more sustainable building approaches that are changing the face of the industry more consistently. It’s likely it’s not too far into the future until greener methods are not just preferred, but the required norm. We’re already seeing this change as sustainable practices are becoming more cost-efficient, with many construction experts making this standard mainstream.

Here are a few ways we’re seeing green construction become the norm.

Local Resources

Shipping construction materials long distances takes time and money, and it makes a huge impact on the environment. Sourcing locally is becoming more common because it just makes sense. Why potentially throw off a schedule or budget when there are local materials available? This leads to networks of vendors being created in local communities to facilitate construction needs, which is another bonus.

Eco-Friendly Materials

As energy and building codes change, so does product inventory. Today, there is a wide variety of more environmentally friendly products and materials for designers and builders to choose from, like LED lighting and low-VOC paint and coatings. This makes it easy and affordable to choose a better option.


Unless you’re used to construction sites, you would be amazed how much pollution they can produce, one of the biggest impacts the industry makes on the environment. Industry regulations now often require measures to better control things like soil erosion, water runoff, air impact, etc.


This capability has improved dramatically over the years. It used to be that recycling what was left over on the job site was an inconvenient, time-consuming, often tedious project. Now, however, most dumpster companies include sorting and recycling materials as part of their rate. Many waste haulers also have other implemented systems that make it easy for builders to comply with exiting a project more sustainably, which makes proper recycling on job sites a standard operating procedure for more now.


Not only are more contractors recycling, they’re also repurposing, taking from one project what can be reasonably used for another. This is not only a win for the environment. It also has the potential to save clients a considerable amount of money. Done consistently, this can really go a long way.


These are just a few measures we’re seeing change the industry, and we’re sure the next ten years will see many more. A greener approach is what we at Woofter Construction are hoping to see as we navigate the changes we ourselves are able to make on our commercial construction projects. We’re excited to see how sustainable the industry can become to benefit both construction clients and the environment.

Increase Your Farmers Market Profits!

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Farmers MarketVisiting the farmers market on the weekend has become quite trendy for many people over the last few years, as more and more people are caring about the food they eat and where it comes from. More people today are wanting a relationship with their local farmers and have questions about how their food is grown and how their farm operates. This is good news for farmers, and if you’ve tried your hand at selling at your local farmers market, you’ve likely seen a good amount of interest. At larger farmers markets, though, the customer base may be larger, but so is the competition. It’s important to stand out and make a good name for yourself if you intend to make bringing your crops to a market regularly, so we at Woofter Construction have a few tips for you to make the most of your experience and increase customer interest and, ultimately, your profits.

Get Better Success at Your Farmers Market

  • Keep an eye on the message your stand is giving off. Presentation is important. Look your stand over closely and keep it tidy and aesthetically inviting. Check it out before and during sale time to see how it looks from your customers’ perspective. Does it look clean? Does your supply look vibrant and varied? You don’t want it to look picked over and dull. Keep the energy up. Collapse tables and combine crops when you need to so areas of the stand don’t look sparse. The sparseness will actually make it look like you didn’t come with much rather than showing you had great success.
  • Keep up with the data. You’re going to the farmers market to make a profit, right? Track how much you’re making as you go so you can make decisions about that day and future visits based on real numbers.
  • Build a connection with customers. Stand out by having pictures of your farm or family, or make a custom sign with your farm name. Touches like this show your personality and make you memorable to customers. It’s inviting and warm, which makes them want to come talk to you. It’s also a good way to show what kind of farming you’re about, which also will draw people over.
  • Create a brand. That brand shouldn’t be poster board signs or attendants that look sleepy. Think about how you’re representing yourself.
  • Collect a contact list. This may seem tedious or obnoxious, but it’s an important business move. That’s what you’re there for, right? Business? So have a mailing list sign-up sheet at your stand and encourage passersby to allow you to stay in touch with them about what’s going on at your farm and what you’ll be offering at the stand. This way, you stay on their mind and they’ll look for you the next time they’re there.

How’s that to get you started? It’s also a good idea to get to know other vendors and who is in charge of the farmers market. Get a good relationship going so you can all help one another succeed rather than trying to go it alone. Ask vendors who aren’t your direct competition to recommend you when customers are looking for what they don’t have that’s on your table, and ask what’s worked for them in the past. With a little effort, farmers can see great success at the market and make steady profit. We hope these tips help!

Tips for Optimal Seed Treating

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agriculture irrigationEvery farmer’s dream is to look out at a robust, healthy field of crops, knowing the return will be just as healthy. Caring for crops is no small feat, as everyone in the agriculture industry knows. It involves quite a bit of math and science combined with years of trial and error and nurturing soil, seeds, and plants until you get it all just right. While the learning process is necessary and in a way never ends, you still want to get the best results you can the first time around, because your time is your money. That’s why we at Woofter Construction have some tips on seed treating to get the most out of your seed efforts and yield a large supply of vibrant crops in the years to come.

  1. Start with your equipment. There are many different types of seed treaters on the market, and a pressurized system often produces better results than a drip system. We at Woofter Construction recommend USC®  seed treaters. We carry a range of commercial, portable, tabletop, or u-batch seed treaters that are known for their quality, ease-of-use, and advanced capabilities to make your job easier and seed efforts go faster.
  2. Calculate the right rates. To do this, you’ll need to know the rate of flow of your seed and the flow rate of your treatment. Once you’ve figured this out, reference back to your desired treatment rate or combined rates. Adjust rates according to grain weight for better accuracy.
  3. Don’t neglect coverage. The amount of coverage you’re able to get is essential. If you’re not getting good coverage currently, try secondary mixing right after the treatment has been applied using an auger or conveyor.
  4. Keep an eye on the temperature. Temperature affects coverage. If external temperatures are fluctuating, recalculate your flow rate. Seed that is cold should also be warmed up before application. Frozen seed or trying to apply seed when temperatures are cold likely isn’t going to go well. You may end up with flash freezing of the treatment.
  5. Test your seed first. When done well, seed treatments can offer good control, but if you do a simple seed test before treating, you’ll know what to expect. A seed test, including a complete fungal scan, can help you decide if a seed treatment will provide enough protection. You may find out at this point that another seed source will be necessary.
  6. Have contact with system activity. To control diseases, you need to be in contact with system activity. Ensuring you use proper rates and get good coverage with the seed treatment that provides both is essential.

Check back frequently for more agricultural tips like these from Woofter Construction!

Why You Need a Commercial Building Construction Expert

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commercial building construction kansasWoofter Construction has proudly served the people of Kansas and beyond for nearly four decades, providing high-quality ag, irrigation, and commercial construction services performed by true industry experts. We consider the people of Colby and Leoti our neighbors, so we want to do right by them any time we can and make sure they get the results and service they’re looking for. At Woofter, we tend to not do anything small. Turbines, cranes, the first 1.1 million bushel GSI bin: we’re no stranger to working on large projects, and that goes for the commercial construction side of our business as well. Our team has been a commercial building construction partner since Woofter began. We’ve worked on a variety of large-scale projects over the years and developed a range of construction capabilities in the commercial arena. As a result, we know how important it is to work with a true commercial construction expert to ensure quality results for your project. Commercial construction is vastly different from other kinds and requires a specific skill set for the job to be done right.

How Is a Commercial Construction Company Different?

To be successful in the commercial construction industry, a commercial builder has to navigate a very specific set of parameters that differ greatly from residential construction. Not only is the size and scope of the project often significantly larger, but there are certain factors that can make or break your project if you don’t opt to work with a company that specializes in commercial building, including:

  • Building Codes. Commercial building codes, which are specific to their area, differ from residential codes and are strictly enforced. A commercial builder needs to have thorough knowledge of and a history of successful compliance with these code regulations in particular.
  • Equipment. The equipment used on commercial projects is vastly different from what you’d see used in residential construction. The equipment is a lot larger and more technically advanced, and must be expertly operated in high stakes situations.
  • Trades Teams. The kind of tradesmen a commercial builder uses on a commercial project have to be highly trained and experienced in working in this kind of environment. They must be knowledgeable about coding differences and capable of operating such heavy equipment.
  • Schedules & Budgets. Scheduling and budgeting on a commercial project is vastly different. Budgets are much larger, which takes an expert to maximize. Schedules involve more moving parts and can often be more hectic, since business owners want to get their doors opened as soon as possible. These two factors alone can derail a project if not handled correctly from the start.

Commercial construction is a different world from other operations. Working with a company who doesn’t consider commercial building a specialty can be a business choice that comes back to bite you. At Woofter Construction, we’ve worked on everything from truck stops to banks and offices, and our company safety record is one of the strongest in the region. Our crews arrive at your job site in professional company uniforms and are backed by a thorough knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment. Our time in the commercial building construction industry has given us the ability to call ourselves true specialists, and we’re always here to help bring your next commercial project to life, so when you need a reputable partner you can count on, give us a call.

How Wind Turbine Installation Helps All

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Wind Turbine Installation KansasWorking closely with natural resources every day, those in the agriculture industry tend to have an interest in switching their operations to a greener approach to energy dependency at some point. Green electricity isn’t a new concept to the agriculture industry by any means. It’s actually the original power source of these endeavors, long before the mass producing of electricity became widespread. Green electricity is energy provided by natural resources, such as the sun, wind, water, etc. While solar energy is often the most talked about, wind energy in particular certainly isn’t a new idea. It’s been used for over 2,000 years in a variety of ways and can be used to power very large operations easily and cleanly, and the larger the operation, the more need there is for a sustainable form of electricity. Wind energy is generated by wind turbines. Woofter Construction has provided complete wind turbine installation service for years, constructing turbines in Kansas, Iowa, and Colorado, and our team is prepared to help you next, but first, here are some reasons to make the switch.

Why Use Wind Turbines on Your Farm?

So what makes wind turbines on a farm so great exactly? In a nutshell, they’re a win-win: a win for you and a win for the entire planet. In one smart decision, you can save big both for yourself and the environment in a number of ways. Working in the agriculture industry often means you need a lot of electricity to power your operations, electricity that’s depleting resources quickly every day. Energy generated by wind turbines provides a solution that helps the many. Let’s take a closer look.

How Using Wind Energy Helps You

Choosing to have your farm depend on a natural energy source may be one of the best things you ever do for your business. Wind energy is highly reliable and sustainable. It’s limitless, unlike solar energy which can quickly deplete as used. Wind turbines are also cost-effective, offering a favorable return on investment due the immense costs saved over time by no longer depending on grid-sourced electricity. Turbines also last a long time and don’t need backup systems, and they’re extremely low maintenance. You also can’t miss a wind turbine, so everyone that passes your farm will see your commitment to sustainable energy and using natural resources, and you may even encourage other farmers to do the same. Plus, when you work with our team at Woofter Construction, the wind turbine installation process is quick and hassle-free for you. We can lay a cement foundation and install the turbine relatively quickly, not inconveniencing your operation for very long at all.

How Using Wind Energy Helps the Planet

Wind energy is a blessing to the environment, as it doesn’t drain dwindling resources. You can’t run out of wind, it’s 100% non-polluting, and produces no greenhouse emissions. Wind turbine electricity doesn’t contribute at all to global warming or acid rain, making it a purely clean source of energy. This route also reduces risk of radioactive exposure for other due to removing the connection to nuclear power plants.

Want more information about making the switch to wind turbines on your property? Contact us to speak with a team expert about the installation process and benefits further.

Prepping Your Grain Storage System

Grain Storage Systems KansasWoofter Construction has proudly helped those in the agriculture industry for nearly 40 years, helping them find solutions that enable them to grow and produce better and with more convenience. We build quality ag equipment, customizing grain storage bins and silos to meet the needs of farmers across Kansas. Though we design and build our aq equipment to last, we know there’s still the need to prepare storage system as well as possible to prevent costly damage to your grain haul. The time to harvest comes quicker than we think, and time is often of the essence when it does, so taking a few smart measures in advance makes sense to avoid unnecessary waste down the line and guarantee you can market your grain effectively when the time comes. To help, we’ve put together a quick checklist of simple things to keep in mind to get your grain storage system ready and be set up for more successful storage conditions.

Woofter’s Guide to Improving Your Grain Storage

  1. Clean out your grain storage bins. Of course, starting on the right note is essential to make sure your storing season runs smoothly. Invest the time to thoroughly clean your bins or silos, getting rid of any spoiled, leftover grain or any insects. Check underneath as well, since insects like to make a home here. On top of that, if you experienced an issue with insects the previous year, it’s important to fumigate to be safe the issue doesn’t repeat.
  2. Only store quality grain. For quality to come out, you have to put quality in. If you’re storing your grain long-term, you should start with a mature, healthy corn. This will ensure the grain survives the storage season and comes out well on the other side.
  3. Pay attention to the moisture content. The longer you’re going to be storing the grain, the lower the moisture content will need to be. Generally speaking, if you’re storing until June, moisture content should be 15%. Note 14% if you’re planning to store through the next harvest, and 13% if you’re storing longer term to prevent mold growth.
  4. Enhance bin or silo airflow. It’s no secret that aeration is important to prevent mold and grain deterioration. Not allowing for proper airflow is a sure sign you’ll waste your grain. You can improve airflow by distributing fines that are spread out around the bin to prevent spoilage in the center. Or, try repetitive coring.
  5. Don’t neglect the temperature. Along with sufficient airflow, you’ll need to properly control the temperature in your storage system as well. Consider temperature cables so you can safely monitor the grain and ensure its climate stays appropriate for healthy storage. Typically, you can keep it between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you start getting much higher than that, say the 70-degree range, you’re increasing your chances of insect infestation and mold growth.
  6. Set yourself up to keep an eye on your grain. Your grain storage system contains a profit, so why wouldn’t you monitor it closely? It’s recommended to inspect it weekly, especially during the hotter months. To check it, observe if there’s a crust or smell at the top. If there’s a surface moisture it, get your fans going. Collect a sample to test the moisture content, and watch for insects. You may even want to consider insect traps. In the colder months, you can get away with checking your grain once or twice a month.


Click for more information about Woofter Construction’s grain storage systems.

5 Benefits of Our Wind Turbine Installation Services

wind turbine installation services kansas

More and more wind turbines are being installed all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. By converting the energy in wind currents into useable electric current, wind turbines create inexpensive renewable electricity. As the world continues to move away from fossil fuels and other polluting energy sources, renewables like wind, solar, and hydroelectric are growing more important every day. Woofter Construction & Irrigation specializes in building wind turbines across Kansas, offering our customers a proven way to get closer to energy independence. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider calling on Woofter to handle your wind turbine installation project.

1. An Easy Switch to Renewable Energy

The world is changing, and energy is at the heart of it all. Wind turbine technology has come a long way in the past few years, so it’s getting easier and less expensive to switch some or all of your energy consumption to this clean, renewable form of electricity. Plus, you can add turbines in stages, one at a time, if desired, to spread out your investment and ease the transition by making manageable steps. With Woofter’s wind turbine installation services, you get it all.

2. Zero Harmful Emissions

Unlike other forms of electricity generation, wind turbines produce energy without creating harmful emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), heavy metals, or other greenhouse gasses. This makes wind power very clean and far less harmful to the environment than other more traditional forms of electricity production. As the world continues to move away from polluting energy production methods and toward clean, emissions-free sources of energy, wind power will be more and more important.

3. Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Operation

By nature, wind turbines have very few moving parts. They’re robust and reliable systems that are designed to deliver low-maintenance operation for a long time. When you install one of our modern wind turbines, you can expect it to provide off-the-grid electricity far into the future with minimal maintenance needs.

4. Return on Your Initial Investment

After the experts here at Woofter install your wind turbine, you’ll begin generating free electricity right away. You’ll enjoy lower energy bills as you supplement your grid-based power with the power your wind turbines are generating every day. In some cases, you could even sell excess electricity back to your power company at a profit. Plus, energy costs are rising and will probably continue to rise for a long time, so having a renewable source of power gives you more security and a better outlook. Add all of this together over the course of months and years, and you may be surprised how quickly your wind turbine might pay for itself.

5. Show Everyone Your Priorities & Sensibilities

Companies all over the world are “going green” as much for the environmental benefits as for the image boost. It’s important to convey the right priorities and character. Having wind turbines on your property is visible evidence that you’re forward-thinking and you value the environment. Anyone can say they care about being green and looking toward the future, but installing a wind turbine shows that you will walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. Back up your public persona and philosophies with proof everyone can see.

Choose Woofter for Your Wind Turbine Installation

Would you like more information about our wind turbine installation services? Are you ready to take the first step toward reducing your dependence on traditional forms of energy generation? We’re here to help! All you have to do to get started with us is call us at (785) 462-8653 or contact us today, and we’ll guide you through the wind turbine installation process.