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How Green Construction Is Becoming the Standard

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More and more people are getting on board with sustainable living every day, from recycling to driving electric cars to switching to solar or wind power, and every day we’re reminded of the need to approach the environment and our roles it in more consciously. We’re seeing this priority emerge in the commercial construction industry as well. There is a wide variety of certifications and designations that come with following greener building practices. More construction clients are now preferring green builders also. Why wouldn’t it be a focus? Commercial construction is a big industry with a big impact, leading builders to slowly transition to more sustainable building approaches that are changing the face of the industry more consistently. It’s likely it’s not too far into the future until greener methods are not just preferred, but the required norm. We’re already seeing this change as sustainable practices are becoming more cost-efficient, with many construction experts making this standard mainstream.

Here are a few ways we’re seeing green construction become the norm.

Local Resources

Shipping construction materials long distances takes time and money, and it makes a huge impact on the environment. Sourcing locally is becoming more common because it just makes sense. Why potentially throw off a schedule or budget when there are local materials available? This leads to networks of vendors being created in local communities to facilitate construction needs, which is another bonus.

Eco-Friendly Materials

As energy and building codes change, so does product inventory. Today, there is a wide variety of more environmentally friendly products and materials for designers and builders to choose from, like LED lighting and low-VOC paint and coatings. This makes it easy and affordable to choose a better option.


Unless you’re used to construction sites, you would be amazed how much pollution they can produce, one of the biggest impacts the industry makes on the environment. Industry regulations now often require measures to better control things like soil erosion, water runoff, air impact, etc.


This capability has improved dramatically over the years. It used to be that recycling what was left over on the job site was an inconvenient, time-consuming, often tedious project. Now, however, most dumpster companies include sorting and recycling materials as part of their rate. Many waste haulers also have other implemented systems that make it easy for builders to comply with exiting a project more sustainably, which makes proper recycling on job sites a standard operating procedure for more now.


Not only are more contractors recycling, they’re also repurposing, taking from one project what can be reasonably used for another. This is not only a win for the environment. It also has the potential to save clients a considerable amount of money. Done consistently, this can really go a long way.


These are just a few measures we’re seeing change the industry, and we’re sure the next ten years will see many more. A greener approach is what we at Woofter Construction are hoping to see as we navigate the changes we ourselves are able to make on our commercial construction projects. We’re excited to see how sustainable the industry can become to benefit both construction clients and the environment.