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The Role of Millwright Services in Grain Handling

A Grain bin showing off the millwright expertise on the elevators and ladders.

With over 50 years of experience performing millwright services for grain operations large and small, supervisor Ron Helus is honored to lead the Woofter millwright crew and share his vast knowledge with the other welders, fabricators, and crane operators on his team. In case you didn’t already know, millwrights are truly the backbone of efficient farming operations because they ensure the harvested grains are managed with the utmost efficiency. So, understanding the capabilities of millwrights in regard to grain handling is imperative for any farmer looking to improve efficiency and safeguard harvests. Let’s dig in a bit into what these millwrights do…

Basic Grain Handling Equipment Installation

Grain handling relies on specialized equipment such as conveyors, elevators, and augers – all vital in the seamless movement and processing of harvested grains. There are several solid manufacturers of grain handling equipment that we rely on at Woofter, such as Sukup, GSI, AGI, Chief, Sudenga, TSGC, and Schlagel. Our team works with the farmer to decide which systems to purchase, designs the specs for the construction project, and then gets it installed and fine-tuned on-site. Millwrights are the skilled technicians out in the field who have the crucial responsibility of installing these complex systems.

Grain Installations Are Custom Jobs

Custom Grain Auger Control - Lifts Entire Auger Flighting Out of the Grain!Grain production is not a one-size-fits-all business, so millwrights are well-versed in customizations. It’s their job to get the grain to move where the farmers want it – to make all the systems work flawlessly and make them look good too. And farmers sure do have some imagination! Sometimes, the first idea isn’t logistically possible, but we can always find a realistic compromise.

Many of the customizations that are needed are done on-site, but some of the custom grain handling components are built in the Woofter Fabrication Shop. Our millwrights work closely with Jake in the fab shop to ensure the custom hoppers, deadheads, slide gates, elbows, and the like all come out just right.

Millwrights Improve Grain Handling Efficiency

Needless to say, improving grain handling efficiency is a key goal for any farmer. Millwright services enhance the efficiency of grain processing by ensuring that grains are handled swiftly and accurately – saving time and maximizing output. Through careful planning and the use of precision equipment, the risk of spillage or damage is greatly reduced. That translates to more of the harvest making its way to storage, ultimately boosting the farmer’s yield.

Millwrights Keep The Grain Flowing Smoothly Year-Round

Woofter Fabrication Shop's Mobile Welding TruckMillwrights are available on-call to maintain and repair handling equipment to keep everything operating at peak performance. Regular equipment maintenance extends the lifespan of the equipment and minimizes downtime due to malfunctions, allowing for a seamless flow of operations, and ultimately leading to a more productive farm. When faced with equipment malfunctions, these skilled workers bring their expertise to swiftly diagnose and repair to get the machinery back in operation. Our millwright team can easily and quickly diagnose a problem – often just by listening to the noise.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When Ron became the millwright foreman in the early 90s, he made it a priority as a leader to not only instruct his crew on what to do but to fully explain why things should be done a certain way so everyone has a good grasp on the processes and the logic behind them. Ron also makes sure to listen to ideas and input from the crew if they have suggestions for improving efficiency and safety for any task. Since the crew works with this method of full communication and understanding, projects are handled with good attitudes, high efficiency, and meticulous attention to safety protocols.

Why Safety is a Priority for Millwrights

Millwrights are a special breed of industrial mechanics! We’re a well-trained, safety-informed team of specialized welders, fabricators, and crane operators with a goal of ensuring the efficiency, safety, and accessibility of every grain handling setup. From the design to the quality welds, ensuring the placements, connectors, elevators, ladders, and so forth function as they intended is a priority. Providing the farmers safe access to the equipment via stairs, platforms, and railings for everyday usage and routine maintenance is also top of mind. A safe, well-designed, well-maintained system is vital because any malfunction can disrupt the entire operation, potentially resulting in significant losses.

Have No Fear, Millwrights Are Here!

Complete Hydraulic Boom Crane Rental Services for AG & Commercial ProjectsOur millwrights easily handle accessing difficult locations to optimize the site – those areas where most mortals would shrink just at the thought. They have no fear of heights and can easily hang upside down (from a safety harness, of course!) from up to 15 stories high to weld whatever needs welding. They are also super-human underground – regularly squeezing into tight spaces like the boot pit of a leg 40 feet underground. No matter how tight or how high, these agile brave men are up for the task.

Gettin’ It Done

In the ag industry, relying on experts is not just a choice but a necessity for the success and sustainability of the operation. At Woofter, we take a lot of pride in doing things right the first time and making sure the grain handling systems run smoothly, as expected. Ronnie is a sharp team leader with vast knowledge and wisdom on how to optimize a troubled situation to make it most effective for farmers to achieve goals. And we LOVE challenges. Over the years we haven’t run into anything we can’t do… except perhaps cement bird baths! 😉 With the assistance of Woofter Millwrights, you can navigate the challenges of erecting and maintaining grain handling systems with confidence.

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