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Why You Need a Commercial Building Construction Expert

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commercial building construction kansasWoofter Construction has proudly served the people of Kansas and beyond for nearly four decades, providing high-quality ag, irrigation, and commercial construction services performed by true industry experts. We consider the people of Colby and Leoti our neighbors, so we want to do right by them any time we can and make sure they get the results and service they’re looking for. At Woofter, we tend to not do anything small. Turbines, cranes, the first 1.1 million bushel GSI bin: we’re no stranger to working on large projects, and that goes for the commercial construction side of our business as well. Our team has been a commercial building construction partner since Woofter began. We’ve worked on a variety of large-scale projects over the years and developed a range of construction capabilities in the commercial arena. As a result, we know how important it is to work with a true commercial construction expert to ensure quality results for your project. Commercial construction is vastly different from other kinds and requires a specific skill set for the job to be done right.

How Is a Commercial Construction Company Different?

To be successful in the commercial construction industry, a commercial builder has to navigate a very specific set of parameters that differ greatly from residential construction. Not only is the size and scope of the project often significantly larger, but there are certain factors that can make or break your project if you don’t opt to work with a company that specializes in commercial building, including:

  • Building Codes. Commercial building codes, which are specific to their area, differ from residential codes and are strictly enforced. A commercial builder needs to have thorough knowledge of and a history of successful compliance with these code regulations in particular.
  • Equipment. The equipment used on commercial projects is vastly different from what you’d see used in residential construction. The equipment is a lot larger and more technically advanced, and must be expertly operated in high stakes situations.
  • Trades Teams. The kind of tradesmen a commercial builder uses on a commercial project have to be highly trained and experienced in working in this kind of environment. They must be knowledgeable about coding differences and capable of operating such heavy equipment.
  • Schedules & Budgets. Scheduling and budgeting on a commercial project is vastly different. Budgets are much larger, which takes an expert to maximize. Schedules involve more moving parts and can often be more hectic, since business owners want to get their doors opened as soon as possible. These two factors alone can derail a project if not handled correctly from the start.

Commercial construction is a different world from other operations. Working with a company who doesn’t consider commercial building a specialty can be a business choice that comes back to bite you. At Woofter Construction, we’ve worked on everything from truck stops to banks and offices, and our company safety record is one of the strongest in the region. Our crews arrive at your job site in professional company uniforms and are backed by a thorough knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment. Our time in the commercial building construction industry has given us the ability to call ourselves true specialists, and we’re always here to help bring your next commercial project to life, so when you need a reputable partner you can count on, give us a call.