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6 Benefits of Wind Turbine Installation

6 Benefits of Wind Turbine Installation

With advances in technology and increased awareness in regards to green energy sources and their capacity to provide clean and reliable power to our homes and businesses, wind turbines have been on the rise in popularity. In rural areas with lots of open space, many farmers and ranchers are realizing the benefits that come from having a wind turbine installed on their property.

Wind Turbine Advantages

1) No Pollutants

Wind energy generates electricity that is clean and free of the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional non-renewable resources like petroleum and fossil fuels. Wind power is a clean energy source, which means fewer greenhouse gases and emissions when compared to other methods of generating electricity.

2) Inexhaustible Resource

Did you know that wind energy is actually a form of solar energy? Because of this, as long as the sun’s radiation unevenly heats the Earth, hot air will continue to rise and cool air will move to fill the void. This movement is considered kinetic energy and can be harnessed via turbine technology.

3) Cost Competitive

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “The average levelized price of wind power purchase agreements signed in 2013 was approximately 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, a price that is not only cost competitive with new gas-fired power plants but also compares favorably to a range of fuel cost projections of gas-fired generation extending out through 2040.” It’s clear that power generated from wind energy is comparative in cost to other methods of generating electricity.

4) No Water Consumption

Since they rely on the kinetic energy we talked about above, wind turbines don’t need water in order to operate (unlike electricity generated at a power plant). Researchers at the American Wind Energy Association claim that wind energy in the power industry is directly responsible for saving 60 billion gallons of water in 2014, and that trend is only expected to rise.

5) Low Operation Costs

Once the initial manufacturing and installation processes have been completed, the cost to upkeep a wind turbine is usually lower than you may expect. Since there are no fuel sources, there is no incurred cost associated with the upkeep aside from regular preventative maintenance, which is a fraction of the cost of your initial investment.

6) Energy Savings

One of the best wind turbine advantages is saving money on energy costs. While they are a larger initial investment, installing a wind turbine will save you money on power costs in the long run by allowing you to plug into your own grid and use the power you’ve generated for yourself.

Take Advantage of Wind Turbine Benefits with Woofter Construction

As a result of years of hard work, our team has established themselves as experts when it comes to wind turbine installation. Let Woofter Construction help you get started with the installation and construction process today!

What is a Pivot and Why Do I Need It?

What is a Pivot and Why Do I Need It?

Deciding which of the many farm irrigation systems to rely on for your irrigation needs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a farmer. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right option for your farm.

You need to consider the type of crop you’re planting, fuel cost and availability in your area, the initial cost of setting up your system, labor requirements, the size and shape of your land, and your water source. At Woofter Construction & Irrigation, we can help you make the call.

If you determine that a pivot irrigation system is an investment that will benefit your farm, we sell and service pivot irrigations systems for every field type.

But first, let’s go over some basics.

Pivot Basics

So exactly what is a pivot? A pivot irrigation system is a mechanized irrigation machine. And depending on your field type, there are several different types of machine designs.

A center pivot irrigation system, for example, is an irrigation system that irrigates the field in a circle around a pivot point. This is designed to work best in a round or square field. It’s made up of a pivot point, a control panel, drive unit, tower box, span (the long pipes between pivots), and the last regular drive unit.

The center pivot irrigation system is the most common. However, it’s not the only option. There are additional types of pivots including the corner pivot irrigation system and the geolateral pivot irrigation system. Like the center pivot, the corner pivot offers uniform application but reaches those hard-to-get areas of a field. The geolateral pivot is designed for underutilized and irregularly shaped fields.

Benefits of Pivot Irrigation Systems

Installing a pivot irrigation system has many benefits. Pivot irrigation systems allow water to be delivered to crops in a targeted way. Water is delivered to plants on a regular basis, and you determine how much and how often plants are watered.

Pivot irrigation uses low-pressure application. This means less water is wasted compared to other methods of irrigation. This ultimately saves water while reducing your energy costs and your impact on the environment. And energy costs aren’t the only savings. Installing a pivot irrigation system also reduces the cost of labor since time spent working in the field is decreased. And as you cut down on time in the field, you’re actually able to increase your yields! Our pivot irrigation systems are low-maintenance, high- quality, and are backed by the Zimmatic by Lindsay warranty.

Call Woofter Construction & Irrigation today to discuss any questions you have about farm irrigations systems and to see which pivot irrigation system is right for your farm. Woofter sells both new and used farm irrigation systems to allow for budget-friendly options.

Local Farmer, and Woofter Construction Customer, Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Local Farmer, and Woofter Construction Customer, Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The doors to Woofter Construction & Irrigation opened in 1978. That means for nearly forty years, we’ve been dedicated to helping farmers and business owners find solutions that keep their operations running smoothly, allowing them to grow and thrive.

One of those farmers, Lon Frahm, located in Colby, KS, was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article. Woofter Construction is proud to have played a part in Lon’s farming operation, having furnished his grain storage bins.

In the video that accompanies the WSJ article, Mr. Frahm mentions his grain storage system, pointing out that two of his grain storage bins hold 600,000 bushels each and the two new ones hold 385,000 bushels each. In the video, he shared that a lot of his competitive advantage is the grain system, which enables them to also function as elevators.

Dedicated to Custom, Quality-driven Solutions

At Woofter Construction & Irrigation, we offer a wide range of expert services to Kansas, the surrounding area, and to farmers and business owners like Lon Frahm. It is our mission to provide unparalleled service and high-quality, long-lasting solutions throughout our mid-western communities.

We know that every farm is unique. That’s why Woofter strives to design custom solutions, specifically designed for you, whether it’s for your grain storage system or another project you have for us.

Consider us for all of your agricultural, irrigation, or commercial construction needs. In addition to grain storage solutions like the grain bins furnished for Lon Frahm, we offer many other expert services. These include the following:

  • Millwright parts. If you need to purchase parts for your system, we sell high-quality motors, augers, spouts, tube heads, and tube extenders.
  • Fans. We sell and install AG fans as well as the parts you need to handle small tune-ups.
  • Construction parts. Need parts for your next commercial project? We’ve got you covered for everything, including rebar, rebar ties, and stone.
  • Millwright services. We can disassemble, move, re-assemble, and install your heavy equipment according to specifications then calibrate to ensure it’s functioning properly.
  • Wind turbines. Woofter offers hassle-free installation.
  • Crane services. Woofter is proud to have a 40-ton boom truck and multiple cranes. Hire us or rent a crane from our Colby location and DIY.
  • Concrete work. Learn more about our interior or exterior concrete work with unmatched attention to detail.
  • Pivot sales and service. We sell and service both new and used pivots.
  • AG irrigation parts. Find an assortment of wheels and PVC pipes.
  • Commercial buildings. We have a network of resources and experts ready to take on any commercial project you have.

Ready for the Future

Woofter Construction & Irrigation is proud of its history and is committed to continual growth. We are constantly striving to improve our services, our resources, and our network to meet the demands of today’s agricultural, irrigation, and commercial industries.

We’re heading into the future, keeping an eye on new trends in technological advancement while always maintaining our commitment to our communities.

Have questions? Call Woofter Construction & Irrigation and talk to one of our experts today.

5 Benefits of Our Wind Turbine Installation Services

wind turbine installation services kansas

More and more wind turbines are being installed all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. By converting the energy in wind currents into useable electric current, wind turbines create inexpensive renewable electricity. As the world continues to move away from fossil fuels and other polluting energy sources, renewables like wind, solar, and hydroelectric are growing more important every day. Woofter Construction & Irrigation specializes in building wind turbines across Kansas, offering our customers a proven way to get closer to energy independence. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider calling on Woofter to handle your wind turbine installation project.

1. An Easy Switch to Renewable Energy

The world is changing, and energy is at the heart of it all. Wind turbine technology has come a long way in the past few years, so it’s getting easier and less expensive to switch some or all of your energy consumption to this clean, renewable form of electricity. Plus, you can add turbines in stages, one at a time, if desired, to spread out your investment and ease the transition by making manageable steps. With Woofter’s wind turbine installation services, you get it all.

2. Zero Harmful Emissions

Unlike other forms of electricity generation, wind turbines produce energy without creating harmful emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), heavy metals, or other greenhouse gasses. This makes wind power very clean and far less harmful to the environment than other more traditional forms of electricity production. As the world continues to move away from polluting energy production methods and toward clean, emissions-free sources of energy, wind power will be more and more important.

3. Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Operation

By nature, wind turbines have very few moving parts. They’re robust and reliable systems that are designed to deliver low-maintenance operation for a long time. When you install one of our modern wind turbines, you can expect it to provide off-the-grid electricity far into the future with minimal maintenance needs.

4. Return on Your Initial Investment

After the experts here at Woofter install your wind turbine, you’ll begin generating free electricity right away. You’ll enjoy lower energy bills as you supplement your grid-based power with the power your wind turbines are generating every day. In some cases, you could even sell excess electricity back to your power company at a profit. Plus, energy costs are rising and will probably continue to rise for a long time, so having a renewable source of power gives you more security and a better outlook. Add all of this together over the course of months and years, and you may be surprised how quickly your wind turbine might pay for itself.

5. Show Everyone Your Priorities & Sensibilities

Companies all over the world are “going green” as much for the environmental benefits as for the image boost. It’s important to convey the right priorities and character. Having wind turbines on your property is visible evidence that you’re forward-thinking and you value the environment. Anyone can say they care about being green and looking toward the future, but installing a wind turbine shows that you will walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. Back up your public persona and philosophies with proof everyone can see.

Choose Woofter for Your Wind Turbine Installation

Would you like more information about our wind turbine installation services? Are you ready to take the first step toward reducing your dependence on traditional forms of energy generation? We’re here to help! All you have to do to get started with us is call us at (785) 462-8653 or contact us today, and we’ll guide you through the wind turbine installation process.

Why Woofter is Your Go-to for Commercial Building Construction

Commercial Building Construction kansas

Woofter Construction & Irrigation is proud to serve companies of all sizes across Kansas with the very best in commercial building construction. There are many builders in our state who offer commercial facilities of all sizes and types, so what makes Woofter the trusted go-to? It’s all about our unmatched experience, our excellent building crews, our cutting-edge equipment, and the top-tier level of customer service we’re able to offer. We put it all together to deliver the premier commercial building construction services available in the region, and we’re ready to serve any level of need. Keep reading to learn more about our approach to serving your commercial building needs.

Decades of Diverse Experience

The team at Woofter has been constructing commercial buildings throughout Kansas since 1978. That means we have nearly four decades of experience building everything from offices to hotels, banks, truck stops, and beyond. In that time, we have seen it all. A lot has changed when it comes to building commercial facilities, and we’ve been right in the middle of that change. Now, we’re using the latest, greatest building systems and techniques, so we can be sure we’re offering the best quality, functionality, and value for each customer.

The Best Commercial Building Construction Crews

In addition to our decades of commercial building experience, Woofter also offers you the best building crews in the area. Our company’s safety record speaks for itself, so you can be sure your job site will be neat, clean, and run with outstanding skill. Every member of our team is uniformed for easy recognition and will bring an unmatched work ethic to the job every day. We believe you should rely on a building team you really trust, so we’re committed to earning your trust from our first interaction through the completion of your building project and beyond.

State-of-the-Art Construction Equipment

The quality of your equipment is one of the biggest driving factors in your ability to build with quality and efficiency. Everyone knows that you need the latest, greatest tools to do the best job. That’s true whether you’re building a shed in your back yard or an enterprise-level office facility. At Woofter, we have a full fleet of company-owned equipment that we’re always expanding and updating. This means we are fully equipped to handle any commercial building construction project you could throw at us, anywhere in the Kansas area.

Superior Customer Service & Satisfaction

We believe that even the best commercial building company would be nothing without an excellent customer experience. Just take a look at our track record for repeat business, and you’ll see how our customers feel about their experience with us. Woofter takes pride in backing up our quality construction capabilities with the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction available in our area. Don’t settle for anything less than the very best! Choose our team for the utmost integrity and attention to detail no matter what your needs.

Get Started with Us Today

Are you ready to take advantage of our commercial building construction capabilities? We’re here to serve with distinction on projects of all sizes and scopes. All you have to do is visit our commercial building construction page for further information, and contact us or call us at (785) 462-8653 to tell us about your upcoming project and find out everything we can do for you.

Two Key Improvements You Can Make to Your Grain Storage System

commercial Grain Storage Systems kansas

The main goal of any large-scale commercial grain storage system is to deliver the most harvest efficiency possible. Even the perfect storage conditions can only keep grain from losing viability for so long, so getting the most return from a harvest is all about having the most effective systems in place. In addition to keeping grain at a proper humidity and temperature while ensuring cleanliness and avoiding contamination, there are two major ways to improve your grain storage system: building bigger bins and increasing grain fill rates for maximum efficiency and profitability.

1. Building Larger Grain Bins

Woofter Construction is a well-known leader in building large grain storage systems for our customers in the Kansas area. We even built the first 1.1 million bushel GSI grain bin here in our state, and it looks like the trend is to keep building bigger and bigger in the future. That’s because you can store more grain in less real estate with one large bin than you can with two smaller bins. It’s a more efficient use of limited space on your farm. We’re making it possible for local farmers to protect their grain on a larger scale using less space without sacrificing protection. A cutting-edge grain storage system allows for better quality and greater profit potential from higher efficiency and lower spoilage rates. As farms are producing more grain from the same field space, the need for cost and space-efficient storage systems will only continue to grow.

2. Using Faster Grain Fill Systems

The other key way to get more from your grain storage system is to increase the speed of your grain handling equipment for faster fill rates. As we’re building larger grain silos, we’re also able to fit larger conveyors that can move more grain in less time. Plus, modern grain handling systems are getting better all the time. Improving your efficiency in grain filling not only means spending less time moving grain, but it also allows for greater control over the storage conditions for improved overall quality and harvest yield. The faster you can get your grain into your storage bin, the sooner you can ensure its being stored in the perfect conditions to ensure freshness. It’s all about helping you protect your grain assets as efficiently as possible.

Get the Best Grain Storage System with Woofter

At Woofter Construction, we offer the latest technology and top-of-the-line equipment for your grain storage system. We’re capable of building the largest, highest-quality grain storage silos with the latest, greatest grain handling equipment available in the Kansas area. Ready to learn more? Just visit our grain storage systems page for further information, and call us today at (785) 462-8653 or contact us to get started. We’ll help you make sure your gran storage systems have the capacity and performance you need to maximize your success.

The 5 Farm Irrigation Options & What to Consider

commercial Irrigation services company kansas

Deciding on an irrigation system for your farm warrants serious consideration. Farm irrigation systems are a big investment, and it’s important to be knowledgeable before committing. Not all systems are created the same or even for the same purposes, so spend some time thinking about your unique needs and goals.


  • type of crop
  • fuel cost and availability
  • initial cost
  • labor requirements
  • size, shape, and type of land
  • water source

Most agricultural irrigation systems fall into one of two categories: sprinkler systems or micro-irrigation systems. Once you’ve identified your requirements, there are five types of farm irrigation options to choose from between those categories. Below are our quick facts for each, as well as Woofter’s recommendation.

Linear Systems

  • self-propelled
  • laterally travel length of land
  • available in multiple models
  • easy to use and customize
  • offer low and high pressure
  • electrically powered
  • diesel-powered generator

Traveling Gun Systems

  • water gun sprays over crops along irrigation path
  • require high pressure
  • can be labor intensive
  • typically more affordable
  • good for use with irregularly shaped fields

Solid Set & Permanent Set Systems

  • stationary sprinklers
  • most useful with smaller square footage
  • portable systems require considerable labor
  • permanent systems are easy to use and customize
  • often have higher cost-per-acre than other systems

Micro-Irrigation Systems

  • available as drip or micro sprinkler
  • more expensive per acre
  • conserve water
  • can cater to individual plants (precise watering)
  • best for orchard crops and similar uses

Center Pivot Systems

  • self-propelled
  • irrigate in a large circle
  • effective for large areas
  • variety of nozzles and sprinkler heads
  • compatible with most crops
  • electrically powered
  • typically used on square or circular fields


Center pivot systems are undoubtedly the most common farm irrigation method used today. At Woofter Construction, we both sell and repair a range of new and used pivots. We offer center, corner, or geolateral Zimmatic by Lindsay pivots to take the best care of your land. Find out more on our website, or call us at (785) 462-8653 to ask us a question about our farm irrigation options.

Is Your Grain Storage Effective? Here Are 4 Ways to Be Sure.

commerical Grain Storage Systems kansas

Sustainable agricultural practices are becoming more and more important as the population of people to feed grows. The responsibility to adhere to high food-security standards is at an all-time high for those in the agricultural community. Without proper grain storage, grain deteriorates, wasting an array of resources. A proper grain storage system involves a bit of science and a commitment to prevention practices to ensure the grain remains healthy and safe. Woofter Construction has a few simple factors to consider when storing your grain.

Keep It Dry

Grain is absorbent. If exposed to a considerable amount of moisture for too long, it’s prone to growing mold, losing viability, and decreasing in quality. Ideally, grain that’s being stored two to three weeks should hold a moisture content of around 15% to remain safe, and the longer you plan to store it, the less you can get away with. If you’re storing grain for a year, aim for the 10-13% moisture-content range. It’s important to note that this is the case even if you’re using agricultural fans. Aerating grain only goes so far. If the moisture content gets too high, it won’t stop grain from spoiling in the long run. Be on the lookout for condensation, roof or sidewall leaks, hatches left open, etc., and definitely opt for a closed storage system.

Regulate the Temperature

Even if grain is cool and dry when going into storage, effective, ongoing aeration is still needed. It’s important to keep air flowing through your storage bin to maintain a safe temperature. Aeration helps prevent issues with condensation and insect infestation. Moisture can be deterred by keeping the grain within 10 to 15 degrees of the outside air temperature, and keeping temperatures at or below 60 degrees decreases the likelihood of insects setting up shop.

Consider Grain Condition

The quality of grain does not improve while in storage. It can only be maintained, at best. That’s why it’s best to make sure grain is in good condition going into storage if you want any hope of it storing well. We’ve got a few tips to make sure the incoming grain is set up for success. First, keep your storage bin clean inside and out, as well as around the perimeter. Clean harvesting and handling equipment also, removing old grain. Decrease grain damage by checking that your combine is adjusted accurately, and clean grain as it enters the bin by using a rotating grain cleaner. Be sure to cool the new grain as soon as it’s put into storage.

Check for Contaminants

In secure storage bins, insects aren’t typically an issue until you start storing grain for long periods of time, usually a year or more. To be safe, though, take precautionary measures to ensure you won’t have to worry about insects. Spray the inside of the bin with a safe, sustainable insecticide two to three weeks ahead of grain going in. As grain enters the bin, treat it with an approved insecticide, and treat the top after all grain is in and has been leveled.


We at Woofter Construction prioritize food security, and we recommend checking in on your grain weekly so you can spot changes and potential issues when they occur. Look for a crust forming on top of your grain, and be wary of new smells.

Woofter Construction’s grain storage bin systems are top of the line. We carry a diverse line of storage, drying, and handling equipment, and our grain silos are built to last. No size silo is too big for us. We even built the first 1.1 million bushel GSI bin! To find out more, visit our website, or call us at (785) 462-8653.

5 Hard-Won Lessons from the Construction Industry

commercial Construction Parts kansas

A successful life doesn’t happen without learning valuable lessons, and neither does a successful construction project. Anyone who has worked in the construction industry can tell you that it’s far from easy. It requires patience, precision, and a high level of professionalism, and the stakes are high if you don’t meet the mark. A lot of construction lessons are hard-won, learned over years of making mistakes until it all comes together. We can all learn a lot from the field of construction, actually. The lessons learned in this industry carry over into life pretty easily, starting with these five.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

You don’t have to work in construction to be familiar with this saying. It’s one that’s been passed down for years. It’s literal meaning, of course, refers to measuring properly before cutting to avoid a potentially inconvenient or costly mistake. The larger meaning, though, suggests the importance of paying attention to the details, being present with the task at hand, and planning ahead. Not following this advice can have huge consequences for a construction project, but it’s one we all can learn from.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well

Most of us have heard something like this from our parents, and rightly so. If you don’t learn this lesson quickly in the construction industry, you can likely expect some very unhappy clients, if not worse. The stakes when working in construction aren’t to be taken lightly, and “good enough” doesn’t cut it. Skimping on materials, time, and labor, as well as cutting corners all do a disservice to you and the final product.

Learn by Doing

Construction is definitely an industry you want to be well-studied in, but the real experience comes from actually doing the work. It’s one thing to read manuals or watch someone else operate a piece of equipment or do an installation, but you’ll never master it or become confident in your abilities until you do it yourself successfully. The same can be said for retaining by doing. Just because you nailed it once, doesn’t mean you’re a pro for life. Keep practicing, and get to know your strengths, your weaknesses, and your equipment inside and out.

Respect the Craft

Well-respected construction teams are made of true craftsmen. Construction is both a science and an art, and to be truly good at it, you need to have the integrity to honor its rules and standards, especially when it comes to safety and quality. Quality and safety should always be your priority, and you should want to continue learning as much as possible about both. Respecting the craft also means respecting what others can teach you, as well as the crew you’re collaborating with. A lot of construction projects require a village, and if you don’t share the same value for the craft, it can turn into a circus quickly.

Communication Is Crucial

As with any relationship, proper communication on job sites is essential. There are a lot of people working on any given project, all with slightly different goals and challenges. Not consistently communicating openly and honestly can get everyone in a jam that could have serious consequences, even leading to someone getting hurt. Communication needs to be clear, direct, and prompt across the board to keep things running smoothly.


There’s a lot construction can teach us about life, and these lessons are key to managing both. It’s best if they don’t have to be hard-won, but better late than never. They’re certainly lessons we at Woofter Construction have learned, so you can bet you’re getting a team that understands the field when you’re working with us. To learn more about Woofter, visit our site or call us at (785) 462-8653.

3 Benefits to Renting Construction Equipment Instead of Purchasing

commercial Crane Services company kansas

The U.S. is home to the second-largest construction market worldwide, but when it comes to smaller jobs, it doesn’t always make sense to hire an entire fleet of construction workers. Formaintenance work, small building, or concrete repair or laying, all you really need is one or two specialists who can operate the vehicle.

Many people believe that buying their own construction equipment is the best way to go, especially if they can anticipate needing it again in the future. But the reality is that the money spent on expensive equipment often goes to waste, as these construction jobs are not as frequent as expected.

Thats why renting crane services is often the way to go. Here are just three benefits of crane renting:

1. Cost efficiency

The rent versus buy debate is ever-present when it comes to determining cost efficiency in many industries. For some industries, buying does make sense. Farmers, for example, need plows and tractors. But unless you plan on using a pice of equipment every day until it doesn’t work anymore, renting equipment as needed is the most cost-effective way to perform construction work on commercial buildings.

Renting is best for those who only use equipment intermittently or for short periods of time, and can end up saving a company thousands of dollars (not to mention storage space).

2. Specialized Equipment

If you have a job to be done but don’t have the correct equipment, what are you left to do? When you commit to buying a crane, you may wind up using that crane for all projects, even though a different style may be more appropriate. Not all construction parts and equipment are created equally, and using the right equipment is imperative for safety and efficiency.

Instead of purchasing new pieces of equipment every time you need a specific job done, renting equipment guarantees that you have all of the necessary parts that are needed to perform the job.

3. Reduced Service Costs

When you choose to rent equipment, all maintenance and inspection costs are already taken care of by the crane rental company. These additional funds that you save can be allocated elsewhere, whether it be towards the project or saved for an unexpected cost in the future.

In addition to crane services, Woofter Construction and Irrigation Services also provides each job site with a certified operator for safety purposes and to eliminate the need for additional job training for your employees.