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At Woofter Construction, we know just how much the right building layout can impact the the people who will later use it. The fact is that when a building isn’t put together the right way, it can make life frustrating for anyone trying to use it. That’s why our team puts such a heavy focus on ensuring that all of our commercial construction projects are built according to plan and on time without issue. When we put together a commercial building, it’s our goal to ensure that everyone using it can do so without issue.

Woofter Construction has specialized in providing commercial buildings to customers in Kansas and nearby states since 1978. Our reliable, trained staff will carefully listen to your project plans and needs and provide you with knowledgeable recommendations toward your construction goals. We have the resources and network to complete your building project on time and on budget.

Because of our wide range of construction skills, there isn’t much we can’t do. There’s no limit on the kinds of commercial buildings we can construct. No matter what kind of blueprint you have in mind our expert team will waste no time in taking it from idea to reality.. Once you contact us, we’ll talk through our process with you to make sure we understand your individual needs. After that, we’ll develop a plan to take the project from beginning to ending within your timeframe. We know how important it is to get our projects done on your schedule, and we place a high priority on not wasting your time.

Commercial Buildings


Our Commercial Building Crews

At Woofter Construction, we have the best crews in Kansas. Our company safety record is one of the strongest in the region. When our crews arrive at your job site, they are readily recognized with professional company uniforms, efficient, state-of-the-art equipment, and a strong, dependable work ethic. From banks to truck stops and offices, we’ve done it all. We’re known for exceeding the expectations of our clients, giving us a high ratio of repeat customers.

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