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Concrete is a crucial component of any construction project, and Woofter Construction has provided Kansas and the surrounding states with exterior and interior commercial concrete work since our founding in 1978. Whether you’re starting a new project or wanting to repair or add to existing concrete, we have the skilled team and proper equipment to do a quality job with concrete work on your schedule.

Quality Concrete Work, Up to Code

There are many reasons why concrete is a go-to choice when building or renovating commercial properties. Thanks to its strength and durability, it lasts for many years and maintenance is minimal. However, all concrete work is not created equal. It takes lots of planning along with proper implementation and finishing to ensure that your concrete project stands the test of time. In addition, all commercial concrete work must meet ACI (American Concrete Institute) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Woofter Construction’s concrete work is guaranteed to meet the specifications and requirements established by these institutions, as well as all local building codes. Whether you need a foundation, a retail or restaurant floor, an industrial floor, or tilt-up concrete walls, we’re up to the task. No job is out of our scope!

Concrete You Can Count On

Residential concrete typically has a strength around 2,500 psi (pounds per square inch), but commercial concrete requires additional strength. Commercial projects usually use concrete at a strength of 4,000 psi or higher, and any concrete with a compressive strength above 6,000 psi is considered “high strength concrete” by the ACI. If you need high strength concrete, we’re up to the task, and depending on the particular project, concrete strengths can even go above 10,000 psi. Based on your needs, we’ll work with you to ensure your concrete has the appropriate compressive strength resistance.

Our Commercial Concrete Standard

Woofter Construction only works with the best. The professionalism of our team and the standards we hold for our finished product continue to create repeat customers. From tilt-up walls to sidewalks, we’ve provided commercial concrete work with strong structural performance and durability that’s made to last through years of wear and tear. We know how important it is to understand our customers’ needs and meet those needs with high-quality, dependable service, and we always strive to meet and exceed those expectations.

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Woofter Construction is a leader in the concrete industry for a reason, and we can’t wait to show you the quality and dedication that has earned us our stellar reputation in the field and countless repeat customers. If you’re in need of commercial concrete work, you’re at the right place! Fill out the quote form below or contact us today and one of our friendly and reliable experts will be in touch to discuss your upcoming concrete project and come up with a plan that fits your budget and your schedule. We look forward to working with you!

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