Woofter Construction Crane Rental Services

Woofter Construction is proud to have one of the largest, newest, most versatile, and highest capacity crane fleets in the tri-state area. We provide crane services to construction sites throughout Kansas and neighboring states at a competitive price with a commendable track record of reliable service.

Crane Service


Our Crane Rental Selection

We have five cranes of various capacities readily available from Colby, Kansas to be at your next project site. Woofter Construction has a 40-ton boom truck, along with crane rental options of a 35-ton Grove crane, a 110-ton Grove crane, and access to as large as a 275-ton crane for projects involving exceptionally heavy materials. Our rates are affordable and coupled with a broad range of support equipment. Woofter Construction cranes arrive equipped with a certified operator and qualified rigger and signal professional. Our certified operators are trained in the careful precision required in driving crane trucks. Attention to detail is a must for our riggers who make sure everything is secure and crane performance is smooth.

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