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Commercial & Pivot Irrigation Systems

For almost 30 years, Woofter Irrigation has provided watering solutions to fit growers’ irrigation systems needs. We live in an environment with dry conditions, tight margins, and uncertainty in the markets. It pays to have a partner like Woofter Irrigation helping to provide you with the greatest return on investment by providing the highest quality service in the tri-state area, including Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and the Southwest Nebraska Panhandle. Woofter is an irrigation company with a commitment to your success proven by providing the broadest line of irrigation installation and center pivot irrigation solutions for all your pivot irrigation, farm irrigation, and commercial irrigation systems needs!

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Farm Irrigation System Solutions

Whether you’re working on a smaller family farm or a larger commercial irrigation installation, the technology you use is vital in making sure your center pivot irrigation system is working as you intended.

  • Zimmatic pivot irrigation systems offer 11-gauge pipeline, the thickest size available in the US and Canada. These are some of the most durable and longest-lasting pivot systems on the market.
  • FieldNET has been established as the industry-leading technology for remote control pivot irrigation. Fast, easy access to all your commercial irrigation systems is only a touch away.
  • FieldNET Advisor helps you manage watering needs for maximum yield potential for your farm irrigation system by providing simple, science-based recommendations directly to your device.
  • LAKOS filtration systems protect your pumps and nozzles to help maintain efficiency, maximize water flow, reduce waste, and prevent premature equipment wear.
  • Watertronics’ variable frequency pump drives help save water and energy within your commercial irrigation systems by using custom software developed specifically for agricultural irrigation.
A Guide to Determine Which FieldNET® Pivot Control System is Right for You
With this comprehensive FieldNET overview, make the most informed decision for your farm’s irrigation automation needs. Give our Irrigation Manager, Daman Glover, a call or text directly at  785-443-3966 to get started today!


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