Wind Turbine FAQ: Are You Considering Wind Energy for Your Home or Business?

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Energy produced by wind turbines is one of the cleanest, most efficient forms of energy available, and it’s expected to power nearly 25 million homes by 2020.

But if you’re thinking about installing wind turbines for your home or a commercial building that you own, you may have some questions that need to be answered.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding wind turbine installation and wind turbines in general.

What size turbine is needed to power an entire home?
The average American home would only need a very small turbine to produce all of its energy. However, this is completely dependent on the sheer size of the home, energy consumption, and the terrain surrounding the home as well. And, of course, the amount of wind in your area. Regardless, you should expect the turbine to take up a good amount of space. Even the smallest ones measure about 18 feet in diameter.

To find out how large of a turbine you would need, consult a wind turbine installation company.

How long will it take for this investment to pay itself off?
It’s no secret that these machines are pricey. Turbines can range anywhere between $10,000 to $70,000 depending on the installation details and features. But investing in wind energy could save you plenty of money down the road, especially for commercial properties with high energy needs. The payback period depends on a couple things:

  • Wind quality at the installation site
  • Electricity rates
  • Financing plan

This can last anywhere between six and 30 years, just for a small turbine. Before calling a wind turbine installer, make a financial plan and consult with a broker or financial advisor.

What if the wind isn’t blowing?
If you have a grid-connected system, there’s no reason to worry. When the wind doesn’t blow, your energy will simply be pulled from a utility company on the grid, and you won’t notice a difference.

For off-grid users, the turbines store battery power for use as needed and may be used alongside another renewable energy source, like solar panels.

How much land should I allocate? Should I pay attention to average wind speed?
Zoning codes will often require a minimum lot space in order to pass the construction of a wind turbine. These solutions often do not bode well for very small or concentrated properties. For wide open spaces, however, wind turbines work very well.

The size of your property isn’t the only thing that matters, so does your surrounding area. For a wind turbine to be worthwhile, the average wind speed in your area should be at least 12 mph, otherwise you may not generate the amount of energy needed to propel the turbine.

How are the turbines maintained?
Inspections should be carried out annually. Commercial construction companies or specialized wind energy installers should have trained technicians on hand to take care of these inspections. However, some turbines are able to be monitored remotely.

Still considering a turbine? Just one megawatt of wind energy can cut emissions down drastically every year. To save nearly 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide, 6.5 tons of sulfur dioxide, 3.2 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 60 pounds of mercury, don’t wait any longer to embrace wind power. Call Woofter today.