Agricultural & Barn Fans

Proper ventilation is vital in the agriculture industry. It helps to maintain comfortable temperatures and reduces pesky and unsafe deterioration to your crops that can be caused by heat and moisture. Woofter Construction can properly design your fans, as well as supply fan covers, perforated ducts, clamp bands, and end caps. No matter what you require, we’re here to help. We’ve dealt with everything when it comes to ag fans and know how to handle the situation quickly and affordably. See how our agricultural fans can benefit you and your business.



Woofter Construction Agricultural Fans for a Variety of Uses

Depending on your farm’s particular purpose and the way you use your property, Woofter Construction can work with you to design and install fans for any agricultural storage building. In most cases, we build fans to provide proper ventilation for crops and grain. We can also install exhaust and ventilation fans for livestock to promote proper circulation and improve airflow for your animals. From keeping grain cool and dry to maintaining a safe environment for your cows, sheep, or other livestock, Woofter Construction’s agricultural fans get the job done without breaking the bank.

The Importance of Agricultural Fans

Your crops are your livelihood, and proper storage is pivotal to maximize your yield. Rising temperatures in the spring and summer can heat your grain, causing spoilage and contributing to problems like mold growth or insect infestations, particularly if your grain is not dry enough. Having the right fans installed and operational can keep your grain in the best possible condition. In addition to installing and regularly using aeration agricultural fans with your grain storage systems, ventilation and temperature monitors are important safeguards that allow you to keep an eye on your crops and take steps to stave off spoilage.

Properly Maintaining Your Existing Fans

Even if you already have ag fans installed at your facilities, it’s crucial to make sure they’re properly maintained and functioning correctly. We can take a look at your current fan system to make sure it’s up to industry standards and performing as it should. Factors such as dirt, corrosion, worn belts, bearing wear, and age can all hamper the performance of an agricultural fan, creating resistance and hampering power that reduces airflow and effectiveness. Identifying underperforming fans and repairing them or replacing them with more efficient parts can reduce your operating expenses while keeping your grain and crops properly cooled.

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Whether you need someone to take a look at your existing system and get it running smoothly again or you want a completely new fan system custom designed for your farm’s unique needs, we can help! The experts at Woofter Construction have years of experience helping our customers with their ag fans in the Kansas area, and we look forward to working with you, too. Contact us today or fill out the form below to request your quote and find out more about how you can benefit from our products.

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