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3 Benefits to Renting Construction Equipment Instead of Purchasing

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The U.S. is home to the second-largest construction market worldwide, but when it comes to smaller jobs, it doesn’t always make sense to hire an entire fleet of construction workers. Formaintenance work, small building, or concrete repair or laying, all you really need is one or two specialists who can operate the vehicle.

Many people believe that buying their own construction equipment is the best way to go, especially if they can anticipate needing it again in the future. But the reality is that the money spent on expensive equipment often goes to waste, as these construction jobs are not as frequent as expected.

Thats why renting crane services is often the way to go. Here are just three benefits of crane renting:

1. Cost efficiency

The rent versus buy debate is ever-present when it comes to determining cost efficiency in many industries. For some industries, buying does make sense. Farmers, for example, need plows and tractors. But unless you plan on using a pice of equipment every day until it doesn’t work anymore, renting equipment as needed is the most cost-effective way to perform construction work on commercial buildings.

Renting is best for those who only use equipment intermittently or for short periods of time, and can end up saving a company thousands of dollars (not to mention storage space).

2. Specialized Equipment

If you have a job to be done but don’t have the correct equipment, what are you left to do? When you commit to buying a crane, you may wind up using that crane for all projects, even though a different style may be more appropriate. Not all construction parts and equipment are created equally, and using the right equipment is imperative for safety and efficiency.

Instead of purchasing new pieces of equipment every time you need a specific job done, renting equipment guarantees that you have all of the necessary parts that are needed to perform the job.

3. Reduced Service Costs

When you choose to rent equipment, all maintenance and inspection costs are already taken care of by the crane rental company. These additional funds that you save can be allocated elsewhere, whether it be towards the project or saved for an unexpected cost in the future.

In addition to crane services, Woofter Construction and Irrigation Services also provides each job site with a certified operator for safety purposes and to eliminate the need for additional job training for your employees.