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The 5 Farm Irrigation Options & What to Consider

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Deciding on an irrigation system for your farm warrants serious consideration. Farm irrigation systems are a big investment, and it’s important to be knowledgeable before committing. Not all systems are created the same or even for the same purposes, so spend some time thinking about your unique needs and goals.


  • type of crop
  • fuel cost and availability
  • initial cost
  • labor requirements
  • size, shape, and type of land
  • water source

Most agricultural irrigation systems fall into one of two categories: sprinkler systems or micro-irrigation systems.¬†Once you’ve identified your requirements, there are five types of farm irrigation options to choose from between those categories. Below are our quick facts for each, as well as Woofter’s recommendation.

Linear Systems

  • self-propelled
  • laterally travel length of land
  • available in multiple models
  • easy to use and customize
  • offer low and high pressure
  • electrically powered
  • diesel-powered generator

Traveling Gun Systems

  • water gun sprays over crops along irrigation path
  • require high pressure
  • can be labor intensive
  • typically more affordable
  • good for use with irregularly shaped fields

Solid Set & Permanent Set Systems

  • stationary sprinklers
  • most useful with smaller square footage
  • portable systems require considerable labor
  • permanent systems are easy to use and customize
  • often have higher cost-per-acre than other systems

Micro-Irrigation Systems

  • available as drip or micro sprinkler
  • more expensive per acre
  • conserve water
  • can cater to individual plants (precise watering)
  • best for orchard crops and similar uses

Center Pivot Systems

  • self-propelled
  • irrigate in a large circle
  • effective for large areas
  • variety of nozzles and sprinkler heads
  • compatible with most crops
  • electrically powered
  • typically used on square or circular fields


Center pivot systems are undoubtedly the most common farm irrigation method used today. At Woofter Construction, we both sell and repair a range of new and used pivots. We offer center, corner, or geolateral Zimmatic by Lindsay pivots to take the best care of your land. Find out more on our website, or call us at (785) 462-8653 to ask us a question about our farm irrigation options.