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6 Benefits of Wind Turbine Installation

6 Benefits of Wind Turbine Installation

With advances in technology and increased awareness in regards to green energy sources and their capacity to provide clean and reliable power to our homes and businesses, wind turbines have been on the rise in popularity. In rural areas with lots of open space, many farmers and ranchers are realizing the benefits that come from having a wind turbine installed on their property.

Wind Turbine Advantages

1) No Pollutants

Wind energy generates electricity that is clean and free of the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional non-renewable resources like petroleum and fossil fuels. Wind power is a clean energy source, which means fewer greenhouse gases and emissions when compared to other methods of generating electricity.

2) Inexhaustible Resource

Did you know that wind energy is actually a form of solar energy? Because of this, as long as the sun’s radiation unevenly heats the Earth, hot air will continue to rise and cool air will move to fill the void. This movement is considered kinetic energy and can be harnessed via turbine technology.

3) Cost Competitive

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “The average levelized price of wind power purchase agreements signed in 2013 was approximately 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, a price that is not only cost competitive with new gas-fired power plants but also compares favorably to a range of fuel cost projections of gas-fired generation extending out through 2040.” It’s clear that power generated from wind energy is comparative in cost to other methods of generating electricity.

4) No Water Consumption

Since they rely on the kinetic energy we talked about above, wind turbines don’t need water in order to operate (unlike electricity generated at a power plant). Researchers at the American Wind Energy Association claim that wind energy in the power industry is directly responsible for saving 60 billion gallons of water in 2014, and that trend is only expected to rise.

5) Low Operation Costs

Once the initial manufacturing and installation processes have been completed, the cost to upkeep a wind turbine is usually lower than you may expect. Since there are no fuel sources, there is no incurred cost associated with the upkeep aside from regular preventative maintenance, which is a fraction of the cost of your initial investment.

6) Energy Savings

One of the best wind turbine advantages is saving money on energy costs. While they are a larger initial investment, installing a wind turbine will save you money on power costs in the long run by allowing you to plug into your own grid and use the power you’ve generated for yourself.

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