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Two Key Improvements You Can Make to Your Grain Storage System

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The main goal of any large-scale commercial grain storage system is to deliver the most harvest efficiency possible. Even the perfect storage conditions can only keep grain from losing viability for so long, so getting the most return from a harvest is all about having the most effective systems in place. In addition to keeping grain at a proper humidity and temperature while ensuring cleanliness and avoiding contamination, there are two major ways to improve your grain storage system: building bigger bins and increasing grain fill rates for maximum efficiency and profitability.

1. Building Larger Grain Bins

Woofter Construction is a well-known leader in building large grain storage systems for our customers in the Kansas area. We even built the first 1.1 million bushel GSI grain bin here in our state, and it looks like the trend is to keep building bigger and bigger in the future. That’s because you can store more grain in less real estate with one large bin than you can with two smaller bins. It’s a more efficient use of limited space on your farm. We’re making it possible for local farmers to protect their grain on a larger scale using less space without sacrificing protection. A cutting-edge grain storage system allows for better quality and greater profit potential from higher efficiency and lower spoilage rates. As farms are producing more grain from the same field space, the need for cost and space-efficient storage systems will only continue to grow.

2. Using Faster Grain Fill Systems

The other key way to get more from your grain storage system is to increase the speed of your grain handling equipment for faster fill rates. As we’re building larger grain silos, we’re also able to fit larger conveyors that can move more grain in less time. Plus, modern grain handling systems are getting better all the time. Improving your efficiency in grain filling not only means spending less time moving grain, but it also allows for greater control over the storage conditions for improved overall quality and harvest yield. The faster you can get your grain into your storage bin, the sooner you can ensure its being stored in the perfect conditions to ensure freshness. It’s all about helping you protect your grain assets as efficiently as possible.

Get the Best Grain Storage System with Woofter

At Woofter Construction, we offer the latest technology and top-of-the-line equipment for your grain storage system. We’re capable of building the largest, highest-quality grain storage silos with the latest, greatest grain handling equipment available in the Kansas area. Ready to learn more? Just visit our grain storage systems page for further information, and call us today at (785) 462-8653 or contact us to get started. We’ll help you make sure your gran storage systems have the capacity and performance you need to maximize your success.