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The Importance of a Proper Irrigation System

Commercial Ag Irrigation Systems by Zimmatic

Water is essential to life, but getting water to where it’s needed isn’t always an easy task. Modern advancements in irrigation allow farmers and agricultural workers to supply water to their land directly and efficiently water their crops. While the importance of watering your plants isn’t overlooked, other vital aspects of commercial irrigation systems are more understated. We’ve listed some of these not-so-obvious aspects that highlight just how important a good irrigation system is to your operation below.

Irrigation Systems Benefit You In Multiple Ways

  • Irrigation makes multiple crops per year possible. In places that are more prone to be affected by seasonal rainfalls and droughts, an irrigation system can make it easy to regulate how much water your crops get, enabling you to grow year-round without waiting on the rainy season.
  • Seeds can’t take root and grow in dry soil. Seeds need to detect moisture in the ground before they begin the germination process. An irrigation system ensures that the soil in question is always at the perfect moisture level to induce the sprouting of seedlings.
  • Irrigated land is more productive than non-irrigated land. Agricultural studies have shown that crop yields are significantly higher in crops that have been professionally irrigated, as opposed to rainfed crops.
  • Irrigation systems reduce the effects of droughts and irregular rain. This is especially useful in historically dry areas like parts of the Western and Midwestern United States where droughts and wildfires are a serious issue.
  • Irrigation helps ensure more consistent distribution of nutrients, hydrogen, & oxygen to your roots. Making sure that the appropriate levels of each are present in your soil fosters better yields.
  • Cooling the ground and atmosphere via irrigation creates a suitable environment for crop growth by preventing your soil from drying out as quickly.
  • Properly installed irrigation systems dilute salt and chemicals in the soil that are counterproductive to healthy crop growth.
  • Soft-land is easier to plow than hard land. Using an irrigation system helps soften the soil pan for tilling, making your life easier and less stressful.

Pivot Irrigation in 2024 & Beyond: Top Questions & Answers From Our Irrigation Experts

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Commercial Irrigation Systems from Woofter Construction

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